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Intelligent Software and Services to Optimize Wastewater Treatment

Increase operational efficiency through innovative data tools, assistive AI, and embedded training programs

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MAIA Analytica is a specialized wastewater industry digital tools team driven to generate value from available facility data.

Composed of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, software engineers and developers, MAIA offers the ability to quickly prototype, scale, deploy, test, and maintain custom, site-specific intelligent software tools for wastewater operations, operator training, and business management.

MAIA was founded to fill a fast growing need for valuable ML/data skillsets paired with domain expertise enabling the deployment and use of data-driven tools at wastewater facilities of every size ultimately improving water quality for all.


  • Data Management
  • ML / AI
  • Digital Twins
  • Process Optimization and Diagnosis
  • Custom Data Visualization & Tooling
  • Business Insights
  • Facility-Specific Training Data
  • CEU Certification
  • Gamified Training Programs
  • Performance Tracking

Deployed Projects


Forecast AI for Biological Phosphorus Removal

Anticipate process upsets with an advanced real-time modeling tool. FABIO syncs operational, metrological, and biological servers to accurately forecast over two weeks of biological nutrient removal and delivered in real-time through our software platform. Diagnosis, mitigation, and training components ensure wastewater operators and analysts can proactively respond to any process upsets; improving water quality in their local communities.

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Wastewater Integrated Learning Management Activity

WILMA is a gamified simulator software designed to help operators learn the uniqueness of the system they will be operating, opposed to a generic treatment system. Engineers worked with partners at a full-scale facility to understand what is required to make informed decisions and analysis then designed mini-games around those decision points. Gamification of WILMA significantly improves engagement and motivation, both key pieces of improved learning outcomes.

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