Biological Phosphorus Removal - Clean Water Services (Oregon, USA)
The biological phosphorus removal process is notoriously unstable, requiring experienced operators and analysts to successfully manage. A tool that can forecast instability, while providing recommendations for chemical dosing and mitigating root causes of performance fluctuations, is essential.
March 2019- Present
Clean Water Services - Durham, Oregon Facility.
We are working hand in hand with Clean Water Services' engineers and analysts to develop a tool to improve stability of biological phosphorus removal at their Durham, Oregon treatment plant.

Research - Labs at Oregon State University and UCSD’s Boz Institute are working on understanding connections between microbial ecology, performance, and stability of biological phosphorus removal. Stay tuned for publications.

Technology - Our technology forecasts phosphorus concentrations in plant effluents that can be used to optimize chemical dosing and carbon loading to ensure treatment goals and process stability. Click the link below to interact with a demo.

BioP Forecast Demo
Training - Our game-based training module combines both machine-learning models and mechanistic models to challenge operators to forecast instability and find ways to mitigate process upsets. Check back soon for a demo.
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