About Us
We’re a group of engineers, data scientists, educators, and software developers helping shape the next generation of wastewater operators.

Aging infrastructure. Increased demand. Emerging contaminants. Stricter permits. Extreme weather.

Compounding these challenges is the retirement of a major segment of the wastewater operator workforce. Experience can not be replaced. However, performance of junior operators can be improved through a focus on training and data-driven decision making.

We integrate research, technology, and training to both design and implement software tools that provide real-time performance forecasts and guidance for addressing critical operating decisions unique to each facility. Our game-based training modules introduce the operator workforce to ensure adoption on-site.

What we DO

Our Approach

Alongside our wastewater utility partners we work to develop research collaborations with universities that inform engineering decisions on-site and the design of all our tools. All research is made publicly available in order to advance collective knowledge and spread awareness in the community of critical water issues.
We work with engineers on-site to understand the facility then use a machine learning approach to condense data resources (e.g. historical plant data, online sensors, weather forecasts, metagenomic sequences) into meaningful, real-time outputs that operators and analysts can understand intuitively to optimize decision-making, much like GPS applications for navigation. Our tools are accessed through our cloud-based software platform from any web browser.
Technology is nothing if it can’t be integrated into operators’ workflows. Our game-based training modules provide the engagement and motivation necessary to improve critical skills of junior operators and familiarize them with use of the software. It's both the advancement of operator knowledge, along with access to the best available tools, that leads to improved treatment outcomes.
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